Certainly Helped My Job Prospects

I needed to get a certified property manager certification in the worst way after losing my position with a local apartment complex firm. When I first eased my way into this job about ten years ago, the boss knew my family and was willing to give me a job without a lot of hassle. He showed me the ropes and in about a year I had most of the finer points of the job committed to memory. I really enjoyed the position and I was good at it. The problems started when he decided to sell off the property to the city.

That meant I was out of work because the city demolished the property in order to build a park. When I tried to get a similar position at different places, I struck out every time when they learned I didn’t have any certifications. Apparently, this career has become like everything else in this country where you need a piece of paper to prove you can do the job. They loved my experience, but just weren’t allowed to give me a slot. The best job offer I received was in property maintenance, a job in which I had zero interest.

So I went online to find out how to get this certification. I didn’t even know how many types of certifications were available. I also didn’t know how to go about even applying for such a thing. Fortunately, I found a website with many articles about the importance of educating yourself in the field and how to go about getting it done. Thanks to the site I was able to discover that there was a place in my own city where I could go and get the certification. Thanks to the site I’m now finishing up my certification and have three separate job offers!