Condo Living in Singapore is Really Cool

It really seems like the sky truly is the limit when it comes to residential condominiums in Singapore. The urbanization of the island has architects scrambling to build everything into structures that tower into the sky. The horizontal space is limited on an island country even though they have been adding to their land mass at the edge of the ocean. When you only have a certain amount of land space, then you start building upwards to hold your people. This is easy for office buildings, retail structures and standard living spaces. The New Futura in Singapore is one of the new condo construction projects that will have it all for its residents within the confines of the buildings where the condos are at.

The New Future in Singapore is going to be two towers. The North and South Towers will vary in some of the things they offer. For example, one level of the North Tower has a long narrow swimming pool that lets you have a view out over the side of the tower. The South Tower will have a level with rounded pools at the corners of the level. There are levels for fitness and so much more. You can do most of the things you want to do without ever leaving the building you live in. Residents are really taken care of in these new condos in Singapore. For example, the Futura offers foot reflexology and even has a pet area for those with dogs.

Some mixed-use buildings in Singapore make it so you can get whatever you need without ever leaving the building you live in. Mixed-use buildings have retail, restaurants, resident condos and more. You could go out to eat, get entertained, buy things you need, see a professional, such as a doctor or dentist, and never have to leave the building you live in. How convenient is that?